Soulfire Spirit Sessions

Soulfire Spirit Sessions, Soulfire Spirit Sessions are intuitive readings that bring clarity, insight, comfort, empowerment, inspiration and freedom.


Mariangela understands that each of us have a set of unique gifts and a specific purpose for being here.  Our gifts are connected to our life purpose (aka/dharma), both of which are encoded in our soul blueprint.

We are meant to answer the call of our soul.  When we do, our authentic self-expression becomes freer and more dynamic. Then, we are naturally moved to contribute in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

We are designed to freely and fully self-express, to be intimately connected to our Soul and our Essence (Higher) Self, and to receive ongoing guidance from our Celestial Council (Spirit Guides).

In these sessions Mariangela can assist you in –

              a. gain clarity regarding certain current issues and recurring patterns;
              b. resolve recurring patterns;
              c. understand aspects of current relational dynamics;
              d. reclaim the full spectrum of your gifts.

Soulfire Spirit Sessions are conducted telephonically or in person.  Sessions typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Prior to your session, Mariangela will a conduct FREE 15-minute intake.  Soulfire Spirit Sessions can be recorded to MP3 or CD, and  emailed /mailed to you after the session.

Mariangela_Head_Shot_200x200Mariangela Genevieve Pino Landau

is a intuitive mystic, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, author and poet.  She holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates.

What others are saying about their Soulfire Spirit Sessions:

I want to thank you for a life changing session.  It was like a years worth of therapy in one session. Mariangela's intuitive skills blew me away as did her innovative thinking and profound wisdom. I felt loved and secure as she guided me through a very difficult process. The surroundings are breathtaking also, a healer in their own right.  ~ V.L., Singer/Songwriter

I’d like to acknowledge the truly great energy and wisdom that comes each and every time I have a session with Mariangela.  I’ve had many sessions with many different readers/healers/ lightworkers over the years and the clarity, wisdom and finetuning that comes from my time with Mariangela and Spirit are truly unmatched. If you are looking for the top percentile in quality, accuracy and integrity in readings and soul healings/ discovery look no further!I am also a channel/ reader/ healer… this is top notch! ~ With Love K. B., Channel/Reader/Healer

From the moment I walked in the doors at True North something inside me seemed to say, ‘This is important - pay attention.’ The times I have visited Mariangela and received readings from her have been pivotal to the course of my life, and through her work she has helped to facilitate an ease and grace in these transitions. Mariangela is able to allow the divine to flow through her clearly and with a great generosity of spirit. The power of Mariangela's work and the incredible healing energy of True North have continually helped me to experience my true self.   ~ D.T.,  Musician/Songwriter

Through the Soulfire Spirit Sessions I have had with Mariangela, I have experienced a deep, healing connection with my father who passed away several years ago. I have also been a part of different gatherings facilitated by Mariangela, which included instruction, mystical discourse, rituals and ceremonies, and found them to be enlightening and meaningful. One of the things I especially love about Mariangela's approach is that she is conscious about giving all who are with her at a round table discussion the opportunity to share equally. She has a unique connection with the universe, bringing her information and insights that are profound and beneficial to life at this time.  ~ J.A., Celebrant/Coach


 Regular fee $225/hr. Current Special $180/hr

The following CURRENT SPECIAL fees apply:

30-minutes - $90

45-minutes - $135

60-minutes - $180


  • New Clients receive the first 15 minutes FREE for use as an intake.
  • Repeat Clients receive the first 5-8 minutes FREE for use as an update.

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