Moon Message - 4/4/2011

Monthly Moon Message - April  4th 2011

Message Eighteen:



Recently, I have been reviewing my journey over the past 12 years.  I have come to realize that it has included an excessive amount of coping and enduring  related to both my historical programming as well as the constructs of the historical paradigm that is coming to a close.   It has been as if the very fabric of my identity was being shredded so that it could be reassembled in alignment with my authentic essence self.   I believe that this era of endurance was preparing me for the current evolutionary phase.  I suspect this has been similar for many others as well.

With all the energies swirling about the planet at this time, starting just after the last new moon, my experience is that in this current phase the human heart is being invited, like never before, to expand its capacity for alignment with boundless personal and universal truth, unrestrained self-knowing and an unfettered commitment to full conscious participation in the evolutionary process.

My sense is that many of us have been intuiting that 2011 will bring tremendous changes that, although tumultuous and turbulent, are offering us opportunities for deepening, increase and long awaited recalibrations.  With the recent global quaking, flooding, nuclear spillage and uprisings, our souls have been ignited and our hearts enlarged in a movement that is catapulting us to the next level of evolutionary ascension.  This expanded heart energy is deepening our inner knowing and strengthening our soul fire as well as enhancing our connection to the global soul.

I imagine that many of us have been feeling this expansion in our physical bodies.  The “symptoms” I’ve been experiencing include headaches, an ache at the back door of my heart, neck pain, fatigue, a general tightening in the muscles around my solar plexus, and an overall sense of detoxification.  Simultaneously, I have been experiencing a sense of increased connection to the whole and as a result, I feel progressively more viscerally affected by what takes place on the societal stage.

Also, I feel that my personal deepening and unfolding is more powerfully affecting the whole of humanity than ever before.  Although we have likely had increasing previous experiences of connection to the whole, with these new influxes of heart expansion energy, we are now moving toward a more advanced capacity for the kind of love that is woven of profound universal regard and sovereignty.

Those of us on the leading edge (“the Shaman’s who can see Columbus’ ships in the harbor”) are being called upon to receive, embody and ground these new currents of soul-fired, expanded universal love.  This universal love/regard feels quite pure and without entanglement or overwhelm.  It includes wisdom and compassion in such a way that allows for each person’s sovereignty and sense of personal honor regardless of circumstances or events.  This type of empowered love is fueled by our direct connection with our own divinity.  As Source-imbued beings we become increasing more capable of remaining centered while witnessing what we perceive as human suffering, loss and tragedy. This type of universal, empowered love and regard will enable us to hold the knowing that all is unfolding as it should.

It seems to me that as we integrate this universal, sovereign love, it becomes more stable on the planet and therefore more available to others.  In many ways then we are grounding rods for this phase of soul-fired heart expansion.  In the words of the Hopi, “…we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  I am grateful to each and every one of you and proud to know some of you personally. 

Thank you all for being here!!!

With Blessings,


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