Moon Message - 5/2/2011

Monthly Moon Message - May  2nd 2011

Message Nineteen:


In the previous month’s Moon Message, I shared some insights about the phase of soul-fired human heart expansion we are currently moving through.  In this phase our human heart is expanding its capacity for alignment with boundless personal and universal truth, unrestrained self-knowing and an unfettered commitment to full conscious participation in the evolutionary process.   This alignment brings with it a weave of profound universal regard and sovereignty.

Last month my personal deepening and unfolding fostered more powerful experiences of connection to the whole.  However, this month, as I attempt to assimilate the influxes of heart expansion energy, certain aspects of my being have been colliding with some formidable blockages.  These blockages seem comprised of ingrained historical (this lifetime as well as past lifetime) belief patterns that have created and seek to maintain somewhat paralyzing conditions that now require my full attention.

It occurred to me that as I venture further into alignment with my authentic essence self, of course beliefs and conditions that have been obstructing the fulfillment of this process must be dealt with so they can be rendered powerless and so that I can continue to receive, embody and ground the perpetually flowing currents of soul-fired, expanded universal love.

To achieve this, I urge each of us to do three things;

Firstly, let’s delve into our internal landscape so we can not only acknowledge our subconscious programs that fuel repetitive emotional reactions and reinforce our historical grid patterns, but also extend to ourselves the gift of understanding and acceptance for how and why we became programmed.   Keeping the cycle of pretense, denial, banishment, and self-hatred alive is part of the old paradigm.  Furthermore, our denied and banished parts pervert the truth and project a magnified sense of powerlessness and discord into the collective mind and global soul.  So, rather than suffering on and dwelling in our prisons of shame, as we bring light to our inner landscapes, we will experience the e-motions and move that energy, thereby gleaning the lessons, assimilating the medicine and allowing our insights to fuel the cultivation of our potential.  Otherwise, we risk becoming immobilized by the weight un-resurrected personal and species trauma.

Secondly, I invite us to consider how vital it has become to connect daily, through our holy hearts (also known as our sacred center), with the Source and with ourselves as Source-imbued divine beings.   This process will assist the merging of our incarnational earth self with our essence self.

Thirdly, through this process of self-investigation, renewal and daily connection with Source, each of us will find it easier to more fully resurrect the divine feminine within us and marry it with the divine masculine. This nurturing, integrated energy can then flow through us as an empowered loving and accepting embrace to all of humanity and beyond.

As conscious participants in this paradigm shift, we are psycho-spiritual trailblazing grounding rods for this phase of soul-fired heart expanding evolution, and as such, we are bridge builders.   This shift heartily beckons us to do our part to dismantle the old paradigm and construct the new one.  The bridge we are constructing is from the current reality to a new earth reality.  The masses need a bridge to walk across and our expanded hearts, our resurrected, integrated selves can be beacons in a fog – a fog that menacingly taunts humanity, endeavoring to seduce us into hopelessness, numbing despair and submission.

The winds and waves of change, no matter how seemingly fretful or chaotic, are part of the evolutionary process and all is unfolding as it is meant to do.   Our embodiment of this truth helps others to trust the process as well.  Every beacon is needed now.   Thank you for participating.

With Blessings,


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