Moon Messages


NASA_MOON300x225Monthly Moon Messages® are designed to inform, catalyze and inspire us in the direction of deeper self-dialogue about personal authenticity, spiritual adulthood and freedom, and co-creative fulfillment for a life of significance. These messages provide confirmation that our highest destiny includes crossing the spiritual adulthood threshold and taking our place among other emancipated, autonomous co-creators. If these messages have been sent to you or you have found your way to them, then you are a spiritual trailblazer - both a bridge builder to the new earth reality and a dismantler of the current paradigm.

Monthly Moon Messages® will be arriving each month on the new moon and will be posted on The Center for True North® website. Please check the Calendar section of our website for upcoming Moon Messages.

We invite you to view the current Monthly Moon Message "REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE"  here.

Please see the Calendar for upcoming Moon Messages.

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